Wednesday, February 8, 2012

La Lune

We have been busy this week working on a bunch of new jewels you can look forward to including a couple super duper skronk beast necklaces, yippeeee :D
One of my favourite films ever, La Voyage Dans la Lune, has been restored in full technicolour 110 years after its first release in 1902, yay! A French electro group,  Air, have done the soundtrack. It looks beautiful!  Here are some clips ~

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J Papps said...

Amazing film, looks wonderful in colour but not so sure about Air doing the sound track. Would have prefered The Penguin Cafe Orchestra or something still French but retro.

itsalovelycake said...

I love it with Air! Not familiar with Penguin Cafe Orchestra but I just looked them up...would fit the film really well too.

Anonymous said...

geez well asking me to do something with this vixel seems irrelevant well i did what you asked me to do.