Monday, February 15, 2010

The trelli are stocked and plentiful, a veritable horn of plenty.

Lucky for you chaps we will have a plethora of goodies ready for you to buy soon.

Let's get down to business, to defeat the Huns!

If you're a subscriber to the mailing list...we are sadly disappointed that none of you have the SPINE to write back to us...quite suck.

If you are interested in our monthly prize draw please leave us your name and email address to receive emails on how to win......which is not sitting on your ass doing jack shit.

So here's how to earn your biscuits, you've gotta work for them!

*Reply to our email with some kind of amusing picture, video, message...whatever! Whoever makes us laugh the most wins the meats(Vintage chandelier crystal necklace worth $45!).

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Exciting new photo shoots!

Here's a preview from our newest photo shoots! Sarah took some beautiful pictures of our good friend and stunning model, Kirsty. We'll add some more photos when they're ready.
Coming soon!
An amazing pink and black skronkbeast with treble clefs and rhinestones, chunky wood and vintage chain necklaces and more bright colours!
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

New stuff

We've got a lot done this past few days! Mostly website stuff; there are a few things available to purchase now straight from the website:
And we've made some cool new jewellery -- a couple of loaded charm bracelets, some bright and chunky necklaces and an amazing black chain bib necklace which will all be up for you to see soon ^_^
Also this week we have learned that we are both golden dragons! We were born in 1988, the year of the Dragon, but since the number eight is lucky in Chinese culture that makes it the year of the Golden Dragon.
Remember the giveaway we did on Daisy May's blog? The winner of the bracelet was Dottie K who has her own blog about beauty and cosmetics. She reviews new makeup and products so you always know what to try.
In other news, I have been lumbered with a piece of wood. It is quite large, about a foot and a half tall, and an interesting irregular shape. I'm going to make some kind of disgusting shrine to all things cute and kawaii out of it. Which means we'll need to hoard even more little animals! I'm even wrestling with the idea of having some taxidermy... sick, I know.
Today we are listening to Necro - Keep on driving and Johnny Adams - Please release me